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Miss.Du Shi Niang

I just saw Miss.Du Shi Niang ( 2003) and it is seriously one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Not only does it barely have a plot but the actress Miss.Reis over-acted most parts and the characters of the movie seemed a bit blurry. I'd give is a D in rating- it isn't funny or witty or anything- like the movie says " she gave her all for love" well...she basically did... and that was it. Maybe it was just me- i really don't know- has anyone else seen this film?
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oh i remember this movie. i actually liked it more than i thought i would. (Reis is not one of my more favourite actresses)
the melodramatic acting on her part was intentionally done. it's a comedy/parody.
i actually thought the plot was pretty clever.

almost sounds like we watched completely different films. ;-)
Haha- maybe i expected too much from it from the commercials- Reis is not one of my favorite actresses either- i can't explain it- but the film just overall seemed downgraded by her commiting suicide then going back to the whore house... but thinking about her going crazy was a pretty interesting thing to add to her "over-dreaming" and being too smart for her own good.