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Kou Shibasaki.

Considering I'm completely enthralled with the Japanese Drama "Orange Days" during my continuously shortening vacation time, I thought it would be a good idea to talk a little about the female lead "Kou Shibasaki". Another amazingly talented actress that not too many seem to talk about internationally. For those who do not remember her; Kou Shibasaki was to most the most memorable character on the critically acclaimed and now classic "Battle Royale"(She killed a total of 6 characters; the 2nd most in the movie). She defined the Japanese psychotic girl role that later led to a trend in "Kill Bill Volume 1" and then "Sin City". Unknown to most people, Quentin Tarantino's first pick for the role of "Go-go's psychotic younger sister" in "Kill Bill Volume 1" was Kou Shibasaki. It was only after she turned down that role that Chiaki Kuriyama was given a much bigger part (Chiaki Kuriyama was made famous by her much smaller role in "Battle Royale"). In "Orange Days", Kou Shibasaki still has quite an edge. She really is quite an amazing actress in that she can portray herself as being a tough, but really very fragile deaf girl. I'm choosing her as an early pick for one day being an international star. She has what it takes.
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Kou Shibasaki in her role as Girl #11 in Battle Royale.
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