tony (swimzguy) wrote in asianmovies,

Ring 2


"Samara" or "Ring 2" is such a big flop and disappointment!! If you think the Hollywood re-make of its part 1 is bad, this sequel is even worse, even though this time it was directed by the same original Hideo Nakata. In fact, Nakata just conveniently (and shamelessly) re-cycled all his horror tactics from his own "Ringu 2" and "Dark Water" and yet, ironically, his "Dark Water" is so much better and scarier.

Not only me, but seems like the whole cinema was not too impressed, as everyone was almost quiet and unmoved throughout with hardly anyone screamed or scared, even though it was about 70% full. Worse, I nearly burst into laughter at the scene when i saw Samara's mother in the asylum. Its ending climax scene is a total anti-climax!!!!

Enough said. This is truly one of the worst horror movies I've seen lately. Forget it. Dump it to the well with Samara! Might as well re-watch the Thai "Shutter" or the director's very own "Dark Water".
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